The Ultimate Guide to Popular Diamond Shapes

The Ultimate Guide to Popular Diamond Shapes - Leviev Diamonds

It should be no surprise that humans have been obsessed with sparkling diamonds for hundreds of years. Long before we developed the technology to make precise cuts in this hard gem, the first diamond guild began experimenting with diamond cutting in Nuremberg way back in 1375.

Back then, there were only a few types of cuts to choose from. Today, there are many popular diamond shapes available, though only a handful are trendy enough to be on the shelves of jewelry stores nationwide. Whether you're looking for a gem for a custom piece or the perfect stone for an engagement ring, here are some of the most popular options to choose from in 2024.

Round Brilliant Diamonds

Let's be honest: everyone loves a bit of sparkle! That's why round brilliant diamonds are, by far, the most popular diamond shape for engagement rings and beyond. Industry estimates suggest that around three-quarters of all diamonds sold in the U.S. are round diamonds.

It's no wonder why. With 57 or 58 facets, these diamonds scatter brilliant light from their surface and create scintillating fire. Their unique cut brings out the best of diamonds of any carat weight. 

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Oval Cut Diamonds

As a modified version of the round brilliant cut, the oval diamond offers a unique shine of its own. With the same number of facets as a round brilliant, these stones offer spectacular scintillation. Thanks to fashion-forward celebs like Haley Bieber and Ariana Grande donning oval diamond rings, this shape has spiked in popularity in recent years. 

The unique elongated look of an oval diamond can create the illusion that a stone is bigger than it is. It's also flattering on the hand: these diamonds help lengthen and slim the look of your fingers.

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Emerald Cut Diamonds

If you love the elegant look of hard lines in your jewelry, it's hard to beat the beauty of emerald cut diamonds. As you can guess from the name, this cut was first popularized in the 1500s for emerald jewelry, but the iconic shape has since been borrowed by diamond cutters worldwide.

The unique shape of these stones creates a "hall of mirrors" effect that reflects light, though the reflection is more shine than sparkle. Note that it's crucial to spring for a high-end stone for an emerald cut: the flat table of the stone makes it easy to see even the faintest inclusions.


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Marquise Cut Diamonds

Marquise cut diamonds have been around since the 1700s, but they blossomed in mainstream popularity in the late 1960s-70s. After that period, the cut became so popular that younger brides began abandoning the style, nicknaming the stone "my mother's diamond." 

Today, this cut's popularity is surging again, and for good reason. With 58 facets and a gorgeously long and narrow shape, marquise cut diamonds can be stunning. In fact, this cut has the largest face-up area of any diamond cut, which makes even small marquise cut stones appear large, bright, and beautiful.

When compared to round brilliants, the lack of depth in these diamonds can make it easier to see any minor color imperfections. To make up for this, look for a marquise cut stone with a high color grade. You'll also need to choose a secure setting to protect the pointed ends of the stone.

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Pear Cut Diamonds

If you're struggling to choose between the timeless look of a round brilliant and the elegant edge of a marquise cut, combine the two with a pear-shaped diamond! The pear cut comes in a teardrop shape, and it's traditionally worn on a ring with the pointed side toward the wearer. These cuts have a larger face-up area than round brilliants do, making them quite attractive.

Like the oval, marquise, and emerald cut, the elongated shape of a pear diamond can lengthen and slim the finger. However, beware of the dreaded "bow-tie effect," which is a problem with poorly cut pear diamonds.

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Heart Shaped Diamonds

Is there anything more romantic than a heart-shaped diamond? As the name suggests, these diamonds come in a traditional heart shape and have become a popular choice for Valentine's Day gifts, anniversary jewelry, and (of course) engagement rings. The symbolic shape requires a complex cut by an experienced jeweler, but the result is a brilliant look you'll fall in love with.

Keep in mind that a heart-shaped diamond will have a smaller face-up area than round cut diamonds. It will also require careful prong placement to protect its pointed edge from snagging or chipping during wear.

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Princess Cut

Let's say you love the sparkle of a round brilliant, but curved edges aren't your style. That's where princess cut diamonds come in!

These beautiful gems offer plenty of brilliance and fire, but their square shape and inverted pyramid base create a modern aesthetic that looks great on any finger. Their high number of facets also helps them hide inclusions. Though their face-up surface area is a bit smaller than that of a round diamond, these gemstones can trick the eye by appearing larger than they are.

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Asscher Cut Diamonds

Designed in 1902 by Joseph Asscher, this square-shaped cut includes similar step facets to the emerald cut. This creates the same shining "hall of mirrors" effect. Instead of pointed edges, however, the square has cropped corners to create a unique geometric shape that can lend a vintage, Art Deco air to a wedding ring.

Like emerald cuts, inclusions will always be more visible inside an Asscher cut stone, so it's crucial to find a diamond with good color and high clarity.

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Check Out These Popular Diamond Shapes

Whether you fall in love with the geometric lines of an Asscher cut or you're ready to spring for the unique look of a heart-shaped stone, choosing from the popular diamond shapes above is always a safe bet. From traditional to modern and from curved to straight-edged, you'll have no trouble finding a brilliant gem to suit your style!

At Leviev, we're passionate about connecting you to the beautiful, conflict-free diamonds that bring your unique vision to life. As third-generation diamantaires, we're proud to offer our rich heritage of diamond expertise in everything we do, from cutting to setting to polishing. As you search for the perfect gem, shop our collection of stunning jewelry or reach out to us for a custom piece today.


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